• Product Overview

    CNC drilling machine for boiler drum
    Horizontal drilling drum major for three spindle CNC drilling drum and similar parts of the past, such artifacts are artificial crossed drilled in the radial drilling machine, accuracy, low productivity, high labor intensity
    Product feature:
    1) The machine bed is mainly used to carry the workpiece.
    2) mounted on one side of the machine bed has linear rolling guideways , mainly for carrying drilling head vertical movement.
    3) After the front of the machine is equipped with a nip and support , the drum can be clamped in the chuck, before and after the implementation of an adaptive hydraulic top drum tight , raise the drum drill rigidity.
    4) The machine is equipped with a laser cross on the line device can be installed in any of the drilling head spindle taper as needed , to easily position the vertical and horizontal alignment in the weld cylindrical drum surface , determine drilling position .
    5) the workpiece drawing direct input, the system automatically generates a machining program , three spindle machining tasks equally all holes. Using CNC control, Chinese interface , easy to operate.
    6) The machine has four CNC axes : rotation of the workpiece and three longitudinal movement of the power head .
    7) The machine is configured linear rolling guide , rack and pinion , precision reducer, hydraulic pumps, valves , PLC, servo motors, drives and other electrical parts, are world-renowned brand manufacturers products , and thus the reliability of the machine is very high, less failure , high boot.

    Technical parameter:
    Model GT1715/3
    Boiler drum dia. (mm) Φ780-Φ1700mm
    Boiler drum length(mm) 2-15m
    The maximum thickness of the cylinder wall (mm) 50mm
    Drilling diameter(min.) Φ20mm
    Drilling diameter(max.) Φ63mm
    Hole distance precision Close hole ±0.5mm
    Far hole  ±1.0mm

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    Jinan Supertime CNC Technology Co.,Ltd

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