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Type:Trimming Presses
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Tonnage:110.231 T

Product Overview


Model HF150
Machine functions Roll or fold bending the moudle tube
Up cylinder press(kN)   1000/2500 (For straight)
Up cylinder route(mm)   540
Clamp cylinder press(kN)  250
Clamp cylinder route(mm)  650mm
Steel tube size(mm)   Φ350-Φ1500
Lift cylinder route(mm) 600
Adjust the motion of tube Hand or machine
Motor power(kW)  11/18.5
Overall dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 4500×1100×3500


Product Description

-The machine have press cylinder, and one clamp cylindereach side. It process the steel tube seam from Φ350 -Φ1500mm.
-It can be equipped with electric drive raceway, debasethe work intension.
-It can collocate bracket for straitght the tube.
-There are guide sleeve at the clamp cylinder,avoid theasymmetry prcessing and the oil leakage for the over load.
-Increase the route of the cylinder for adjusting andusing.
-Frame structure, boost up the stability of the machine.

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