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Type:Shape Benders
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Product Overview

This CNC machine is Used to bend angle with double-sided or single-sided processing,and bend plate with various thickness.


型号Model: HQJ20
双曲角钢最大加工尺寸double-side bending angle size max. (mm) L200xL2000x24
正单曲角钢最大加工尺寸positive single-sid bending angle size max. (mm) L180x L80 x16
反单曲角钢最大加工尺寸reverse single-side bending angle size max. (mm) L160x L160x14
板材最大加工尺寸bending plate size Max. (mm) 14x600
双曲最大折弯角度double-side bend angle max. (°) 50
正单曲最大折弯角度positive single-side bend angle Max. (°) 40
反单曲最大折弯角度reverse single-side bend angle Max. (°) 40
板材弯曲最大折弯角度plate bend angle max. (°) 150
最大行程stroke max. (mm) 650
电机总功率motor total power (Kw) 12
Normal pressure (KN) 1000
外形尺寸Overall dimension(m) 2.8x1.8x3.6
净重Net Weight 10T

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Supertime- a high-tech enterprise certificated by Chinese government. Designs, manufactures and develops machinery for steel fabrication, angle and plate processing related industries for over 20 years. We are a globally recognized supplier in over 30 countries around the world. Applicable industries: Our products are widely used in industries of beneficial influence to national economy and people's livelihood, as electric power, telecommunication, steel structure, petroleum, chemical industry, boiler, bridge, shipbuilding, automobile, stereo garage, new building etc. Our ambition: We always focus on innovation and assembling ability of manufacturing industry with strategic vision and continuous innovation. We provide qualified machinery to customers by reducing their production costs and increasing production efficiency by tailored design and timely services based on customer needs.


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