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    60.627 T
  • Product Overview

    CNC Angles Automatic Punching, Marking, Single Shearing Production Line

    Model JX1412A
    Angle size (mm)
    Q345 40×40×3-140×140×12
    Q235A 40×40×3-140×140×14
    Max.punching capability(D×T)mm
    Q345 Ф26×12
    Q235A Ф26×14
    Punching nominal force (kN) 550
    Marking nominal force (kN) 600/1000
    Shearing nominal force (kN) 1800
    Angle length max. (m) 10-12
    Adjustment range of stadia. (mm) 20-110
    Punches number/each side 2
    Marking groups 4
    Dimension of characters (mm) 14×10(By users request)
    Shearing mode Single blade shearing
    CNC axes No. 3
    Infeed speed (m/min) 50
    Overall dimension(L×W×H) (m) 24.5/26.5×7×2.2
    Net weight (kg) 17000

    ▲Model JX1412Ais equipped with two punches in each side of punching unit. The marking unit isequipped with four groups of character drawers. The three CNC axes can achieve theadjustment of hole distance and stadia, high precision positioning.
    ▲“International brand hydraulic elements, pneumaticelements, electric elements equipped on the machine to ensure that the system can run long time reliably. Using the newestSupertime software, easy programming and management.
    ▲“X”axis is equipped with an encoder, so closed-loopcontrol system makes positioning accurately.
    ▲Shearing unit is single blade cutting, economizematerials, equipped with material press unit, press balanced, enhance
    press force, ensure the machine running stably.

  • About Company
    Jinan Supertime CNC Technology Co.,Ltd

    Supertime- a high-tech enterprise certificated by Chinese government. Designs, manufactures and develops machinery for steel fabrication, angle and plate processing related industries for over 20 years. We are a globally recognized supplier in over 30 countries around the world. Applicable industries: Our products are widely used in industries of beneficial influence to national economy and people's livelihood, as electric power, telecommunication, steel structure, petroleum, chemical industry, boiler, bridge, shipbuilding, automobile, stereo garage, new building etc. Our ambition: We always focus on innovation and assembling ability of manufacturing industry with strategic vision and continuous innovation. We provide qualified machinery to customers by reducing their production costs and increasing production efficiency by tailored design and timely services based on customer needs.

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