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    Model JX2020S
    Angle size 16Mn(σb=480N/mm2) 63×63×4~200×200×20
    Angle size Q235A(σb=400N/mm2)
    Max.punching Capability(D×T)v 16Mn(σb=480N/mm2) Φ26×20
    Max.punching capability(D×T) Q235A(σb=400N/mm2) Φ26×20
    Punching nominal force(Kn) 1000
    Marking nominal(Kn) 600
    Shearing nominal(Kn) 1200
    Workpiece length max.(m) 14
    Adjustment range of stadim(mm) 30-170
    Punchers number each side 3
    Marking groups 4
    Dimension mode(mm) 14×10
    Shearing mode Double-blade cutting
    Axes number 3
    Infeed speed(m/min) 40
    Power 44 KW
    Overall dimension(m) 32×7×2.6
    Net weight(Kg) 20000

    ▲Punching part, cyliner moving and guided by eightside,piston fixed.
    Keep balance of the moving of punches, improve thestability of the cylinder. The fixation point of piston isspherical surface connect, eccentric-load can self-adjusted.
    ▲Uprightness press
    The press cyl inder is upr ight ,guide sur face sufficient,press-movingbalanced,with high power of press,reduce the impact and the recoi l of punchinig,and improve the stability of the machine.
    ▲Centralized lubrication
    Centralized lubrication,easy formaintenance,ensure fully lubricated for each side of the cylinder, increaseservice life,debase the failure rate.
    ▲This machine can be equipped with bigger marking unit,according to customer’ request , we canequipped with 1250KN marking unit tosuffice big angle processing.

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    Jinan Supertime CNC Technology Co.,Ltd

    Supertime- a high-tech enterprise certificated by Chinese government. Designs, manufactures and develops machinery for steel fabrication, angle and plate processing related industries for over 20 years. We are a globally recognized supplier in over 30 countries around the world. Applicable industries: Our products are widely used in industries of beneficial influence to national economy and people's livelihood, as electric power, telecommunication, steel structure, petroleum, chemical industry, boiler, bridge, shipbuilding, automobile, stereo garage, new building etc. Our ambition: We always focus on innovation and assembling ability of manufacturing industry with strategic vision and continuous innovation. We provide qualified machinery to customers by reducing their production costs and increasing production efficiency by tailored design and timely services based on customer needs.

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