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Type:Beam / Drill Lines
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RPM:6,000 RPM

Product Overview

Specification 技术参数

型号 Model JX2532F
加工角钢范围 (mm) Angle size 140×140×10-250×250×32
最大角钢长度 (m) Max. length of Angle 12 or 14 (By customer’s request)
打号公称力 (kN) Marking force 1000
打号字头组数 Marking groups 4
字头尺寸 (mm) Dimension of characters 14×19×10
准距调节范围 (mm) Range of stadia 40-220(无极变速 )(Stepless adjustment)
每侧钻头数目 (piece) No. of drill per side 3
钻削主轴锥孔 Taper of drilling spindle BT40
最大钻孔直径 (mm)Max. drilling dia. Φ26
钻削主轴行程 (mm) Drilling stroke 150
最高主轴转速 (r/min) Max. rotation speed of spindle 6000
最大送进速度 (m/min) Max. feeding speed 40
最大动力头滑板移动速度 (m/min) Max. moving speed of slipway of drilling head 10
最大动力头给进速度 (m/min) Max. feeding speed of drilling head 14
数控轴数 CNC axes No. 9
机器外形尺寸 (m) Overall dimension(L×W×H) 32×9×2.5
机床重量 (T) Net weight About 30

▲Adopt CNC technology, servo motor infeeding, with high efficiency, stable working precision.
▲Key hydraulic, pneumatic and electric elements are alldomestic and international brand.
▲Easy programming and can directly use the program data made by lofting software.
▲Software with Chinese,English interface, easy operation, andcan display the drawing of workpiece.
▲Loading, marking, drilling and unloading are allperformed automatically.
▲Just need to input size of work piece, diameter of holes, stadia and quantity of workpiece when editprogram, or use CAD/CAM lofting software direct conversion.
▲The machining line is installed with supporting &straight pressing device.
▲With avoided shearing functions, so as to process fixedlength angles.
▲With self-diagnosis failures function.
▲Shearing unit is optional, using double blades cutting.

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