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    Mainly used for drilling on H Beam in 3 dimension

    Product Description

    -The machine is mainly composed of mainframe, gantry, tapperdrilling head, electrical control system, hydraulic system, cooling &chips-removal system and testing system etc.
    -Gantry type realize worktable fixed to reduce frame length,and save space.
    -Pneumatic testing machine is equipped on slipway to test HBeam position, testing compensation function was used to remedy tolerance ofworkpiece and clap to remedy position of drilling hole automatically.
    -Plate drag chips removal equipped on bottom of machine, waterpump and coolant equipped on chips removal can be used recycle.
    -Milling feeding speed can be adjust automatically accordingto the position, which improved the efficiency great meanwhile protect tool.
    -World famous PLC, transducer, touch screen etc. Electricalcomponent with parameters show clearly on interface.
    -The machine is automatically line with in-feeding conveyor,mainframe and out-feeding etc mechanism composed to milling same type H Beamcontinuously.


    Model SWD2512/3
    Workpiece size
    Max. section size( W * H)mm 2500x1200
    Min. section size (W*H) mm 1000x500
    Max. length (mm) 24
    Drilling unit
    Type CNC slipway type
    Quantity 3
    Drilling dia. (mm) Ø10~ Ø50
    Rotation speed ( r/min) 120~450
    Axial stroke (mm) 600/750/750
    Feeding speed (mm/min) 0~4000
    Motor power of spindle (kW) 7.5(x3)
    Power of servo motor (kW) 1.5(x3)
    Longitudinal movement of gantry (X axis)
    stroke (mm) 24
    Max. moving speed (m/min) 8
    Power of servo motor(kW) 3.0(x2)

    Transverse movement of vertical drilling unit (Y axis)
    stroke (mm) 2480
    Max. moving speed (m/min) 10
    Power of servo motor(kW) 1.5
    Up and down movement of left/right drilling unit (U,W axes)
    stroke (mm) 1180
    Max. moving speed (m/min) 10
    Power of servo motor(kW) 1.5(x2)
    Hydraulic pump Motor Power (kW) 2.2+4.0
    Swarf-conveyor Motor Power (kW) 0.75(x2)
    Cooling pump Motor Power (kW) 0.45
    Power supply Total power(kW) Approx. 47
    Electric contral mode PLC
    No. of electric CNC axis 8

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    Jinan Supertime CNC Technology Co.,Ltd

    Supertime- a high-tech enterprise certificated by Chinese government. Designs, manufactures and develops machinery for steel fabrication, angle and plate processing related industries for over 20 years. We are a globally recognized supplier in over 30 countries around the world. Applicable industries: Our products are widely used in industries of beneficial influence to national economy and people's livelihood, as electric power, telecommunication, steel structure, petroleum, chemical industry, boiler, bridge, shipbuilding, automobile, stereo garage, new building etc. Our ambition: We always focus on innovation and assembling ability of manufacturing industry with strategic vision and continuous innovation. We provide qualified machinery to customers by reducing their production costs and increasing production efficiency by tailored design and timely services based on customer needs.

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