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Type:Gantry Type Drills
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Product Overview

CNC Section Steel 3-D Drilling Machine

This machine is composed of mainframe, hydraulic system, feeding conveyor unit & electrical control system etc.

Product Description

- Equipped with three drilling spindles, the drillingprocess finished when the work piece going through the equipment.
- Three drilling spindles can drill holes simultaneously,equipped with self-controlled stroke drilling spindles.
- No need to set thickness of work piece and length ofdrills, with automatic speed converstion, high efficiency from rapid feeding towork feeding.
-CNC & PLC control systems, CRT display, operatingsoftware based on WINDOWS platform, simply and con programming and visual preview.
- High-grade atomizing cooling system, prolong thedrill’s work life.
- Each drilling spindle, equipped with professionalgear-motor from famous products.
- Main primary hydraulic pressure, electric componentsare domestic and international famous products.


Model SWZ1000
Size of H-beam Web(H)×flange(W)
Max. 1000×500
Min. 200×75
Dia.of drilling (mm)
Vertical drilling Φ12~Φ33.5
Horizontal drilling Φ12~Φ31.5
Number of spindle One vertical, two horizontal (Left and right), three in all
Spindle rotation speed(r/min) 180~650
Feeding speed vertical spindle(mm) 20~200
Feeding distance(mm)
Vertical spindle 240
Horizontal spindle 150
Installation power(kW) 26
Overall dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 4730×2080×3130
Net weight (kg) 6000

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