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Type:Beam / Drill Lines
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Product Overview

Multi spindle beam drilling line
3D drilling line for H beam
Special for beam bridge structure
or fabrication

Product Description

Multi spindle beam drilling lin Model SWZ700/9
1. The machine adopts fixed bed, the workpiece portable structure, the lathe bed is made up of enough strength plates welded together, the structure of the three-dimensional drill is suitable for medium and small h-beam processing, is advantageous for the continuous production, high degree of automation.
2. Each drilling spindle box are all hydraulic control schedule, without manual setting bit effective length and thickness of driller, can automatically fast forward - into - fast rewind transformation.
3. The CAD/CAM direct conversion can be realized, thus eliminating the programming and the input of operation. Automatic generation of processing procedures, truly the paperless

Parameter of CNC beam drilling machine
Max. width 700 mm
Min. width 150 mm
Max. height 400 mm
Min. height 80 mm
Max. Length 15000 mm
Max. loading weight 10000 kg
Spindle NO. 3X3 PCS
Rotation speed 180~560 r/min
Axis feeding speed 20~300 mm/min
Feeding stroke 240 mm
Drilling diameter range 10~30 mm
Spindle power 5.5 kW
Taper-shank Morse standard
Morse taper 4#
Motor Power
Spindle 3x5.5 kW
Up unit X axis 1x1.0 kW
Left unit Z axis 1x1.5 kW
Right unit Z axis 1x1.5 kW
Hydraulic system 1x5.5 kW
Machine overall size Mainframe(LxWxH) About 3600x1500x2500 mm

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