• Specs
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    Max Bevel
    15.75 "
    Max Thickness
    2.165 "
  • Product Overview


    Machine mainly by the vertical slide, horizontal slide, milling power head, milling column milling depth stop iron roller, liquid booster system, electrical system and other components.

    Product Description

    - the lockingprocessing, CNC vertical tilt slide on the end face of H-beam once completed.
    - groovecutter spindle axial adjustment, to the processing of different groove size.
    - with threeeach spindle box cutter, the groove of the workpiece, the end face, as well asweb-arc groove by feed finished.
    - All carbideindexable milling quality guarantee the efficiency of the machining tool; eachblade can be repeatedly used by adjusting the blade orientation, to save cost.
    - millingprocess, the milling feed rate can be different according to the processinglocation automatically adjust, improve efficiency and protect the head.
    - Using thetouch screen as a man-machine interface, simple Chinese operation, processingdata, the operator can easily control.
    - The machinefor automatic production of linear the devices constitute automatic feedchannel, host, out forehearth line can automatically and continuously carriedout the same type of H-beam milling.


    Model SXA55/6
    Workpiece parameters
    腹板高度(mm)Web height 220~1250
    翼缘宽度(mm)Flange width 100~600
    翼板厚度(mm)Flange thickness 10~55
    工件长度(mm)Workpiece length ≥400
    Milling power head
    数量Quantity 2
    刀具数量(piece)Tool 6
    主轴转速(r/min)Spindle speed 267
    进给速度(mm/min)Feed speed 0~300
    主轴电机功率(KW)Spindle motor power 15
    CNC slide
    横向滑台行程(mm)Horizontal slide stroke 1050
    纵向滑台行程(mm)Longitudinal slide travel 300
    移动速度(mm/min)Moving speed 150~1000
    Motor Power
    主轴电机(KW)Spindle motor 2×15
    动力头升降电机(KW)The power head lift motor 2×2.2
    滑台定位电机(KW)Stages positioning motor 2×0.37
    送料电机(KW)Feeding motor 1.1+0.55
    Electrical system
    控制方式Control mode PLC
    数控轴数CNC axes 6
    总功率(KW)Total power 40
    Hydraulic system
    液压泵压力(Mpa)Hydraulic pump pressure 3~7
    电机功率(KW)Motor Power 2.2
    主机外形尺寸(长×宽×高)(mm)Overall dimensions 7000×3900×2800
    主机重量(Kg)Main machine weight 11000

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    Jinan Supertime CNC Technology Co.,Ltd

    Supertime- a high-tech enterprise certificated by Chinese government. Designs, manufactures and develops machinery for steel fabrication, angle and plate processing related industries for over 20 years. We are a globally recognized supplier in over 30 countries around the world. Applicable industries: Our products are widely used in industries of beneficial influence to national economy and people's livelihood, as electric power, telecommunication, steel structure, petroleum, chemical industry, boiler, bridge, shipbuilding, automobile, stereo garage, new building etc. Our ambition: We always focus on innovation and assembling ability of manufacturing industry with strategic vision and continuous innovation. We provide qualified machinery to customers by reducing their production costs and increasing production efficiency by tailored design and timely services based on customer needs.

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