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Type:Milling & Drilling Machines (Combo)
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Table-W:2,000 "
Table-L:2,000 "

Product Overview


Processing range
Diameter   Φ500-Φ2000mm
Workpiece max. height     400mm
 Quantity     1
 Spindle taper    BT50
 Max. drilling diameter     Φ70mm
 Drilling depth    ≤400
 Max. tapping    M30
 Spindle rotation speed  30—3000r/min
 Spindle motor power    22kW
 Spindle max. torque    430Nm
 Column longitudinal mobile (X)
  Max. stroke     2000mm
 X axis moving speed   0-10m/min
 X axis servo motor power    3.5kW
 Power head vertical movement (Y)
 Max. stroke     2000mm
 Y axis moving speed   0-10m/min
 Y axis servo motor pwoer    3.5kW
 Power head horizontal direction (the Z axis)
Max. stroke     500mm
 Z axis moving speed   0-5m/min
 Z axis servo motor power    2.0kW
   Position precision
    X axis   0.06mm/the whole length
    Y axis   0.06mm/the whole length
   Z axis   0.05mm/the whole length
 Re-set position precision
    X axis    0.03mm 
       Y axis   0.03mm 
   Z axis   0.03mm 
Hydraulic system
       Hydraulic pump pressure/flow   7MPa/25L/min
  Hydraulic pump motor power     3kW
     Pneumatic system  The compressed air supply pressure   ≥0.5MPa
 Cooling system
 Inner cooling pump motor power     3kW
 Outer cooling pump motor power   0.75kW
 Automatic lubrication system 
  Lubrication pressure    2MPa
    Lubrication point oil amount   0.1mL
  Lubrication period   6-10min
 Electrical system
       CNC system Siemens 808D
   CNC axes     3
    Motor total power    About 35kW
    Machine overall size    L x W x H About 7000X6000X5000mm
     Machine weight 20t

horizontal CNC drilling and milling machine
special for steel plate drilling

This machine is a horizontal CNCdrilling and milling machine, which can be clamped with hard carbide innercooling drill bit or HSS twist drill bit outer cooling , and can realize therigid tapping, can also for flange circular milling. Mainly used for flange,heat exchanger and tube sheet processing, CNC processing, high efficiency, highprecision, easy programming, simple operation. WZ20 type horizontal CNC drillingmachine is a flexible numerical control drilling and milling machine, can adaptto many kinds of batch production.
Machine tool structurefeatures:
WZ20 type horizontal CNC drilling machine is mainly lathe bed and vertical slidingtable, column, vertical sliding table, pillow power head, workbench, hydraulicsystem, cooling system, centralized lubrication system, electrical system,pneumatic system, etc.

1. The power head of machine spindle is equipped with BT50 inner coolingprecision rigidity spindle, can use hard carbide inner cooling tools ,with highprecision and high efficiency . Equipped with hydraulic knife cylinder, loadingand unloading of cutting tool is very convenient. Spindle driven by high powerspindle motor, spindle speed 30 ~ 3000 r/min, wide speed range.
2. Vertical columns (X axis)move is guided by linear rail pair installed on the bed high precision, mobileand flexible. Driver using precision ball screw driven by AC servo motor drive.Guide and screw have been eliminated the gap and good response, high positioningaccuracy.
3. The power head up and downvertical (Y) mobile by installed in the column on the two high precision linearguide rail pair guide, driver using precision ball screw driven by AC servomotor drive, ensure high precision work.
4. Power head level (the Z axis) of the rammovement on the vertical sliding table by installation of two high precisionlinear guide rail pair guide, driver using precision ball screw driven by ACservo motor drive.
5. Horizontal CNC drilling andmilling machine power head of precision spindle rigidity, adopt Taiwan BT50inside cold spindle, can use cemented carbide drill in cold, high precision.Equipped with hydraulic knife cylinder, loading and unloading of cutting toolis very convenient. Spindle by high power spindle servo motor through thesynchronous belt drives, spindle speed 30 ~ 3000 r/min, wide speed range.
6. Horizontal CNCdrilling and milling machine pneumatic system is mainly to the main shaftcenter, blowing on the spindle taper hole cleaning. Gases from the end ofblowing, prevent dust from entering the spindle group inside.

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