510 XHD
  • Specs
    23” x 29” x 29”
    605 (LBS)
  • About Company
    Sweed Machinery, Inc.

    Sweed’s primary company directive is to be a resource of ingenuity and information to the industries they serve; while clearly identifying and addressing their customer’s needs. Sweed’s unwavering commitment to superior engineering and customer service is noted world-wide. Sweed’s panel division, known for its proven material handling solutions for over half a century, continues to drive industry change. Meeting the needs of a market now infinitely more focused on conservation and energy use reduction, Sweed offers new technology designed to handle the challenges facing the panel industry in the 21st century. Sweed’s recycling division is well established as the authority in a rapidly developing industry- repeatedly bringing innovative and practical solutions for scrap management and processing. Sweed’s scrap choppers can be customized for most applications, and engineers work closely with customers to ensure scrap material is processed to the necessary requirements.

This Item is No Longer Made

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