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    The PREP 4 is a very popular versatile machine that is robust and extremely powerful. Used in many industries but commonly found in tough in-situ environments, such as power station shut downs.

    The PREP 4 boasts an increased locking range of 1˝ to 4˝ i/d and is available in pneumatic or electric. Optional accessories include an automatic locking device for high volume repetitive work, and elbow locking shafts for the bevelling of elbows and fittings.

  • About Company
    Tag Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd

    TAG PIPE EQUIPMENT SPECIALISTS is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of pipework fabrication machinery, tools and handling equipment for workshop or on-site work. Our range of portable precision pipe preparation/bevelling machines and portable pipe cutting equipment are used across the world in many industries including chemical, oil, gas and power generation.

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