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Type:Horizontal Machining Centers


X:62.99 "
Y:47.24 "
Z:53.15 "
RPM:6000 rpm
Pallet-W:39.37 "
Pallet-L:39.37 "

Product Overview

TW-1016(Single Worktable) Specifications Unit
X-axis Travel 1600 mm
Y-axis Travel 1200 mm
Z-axis Travel 1350 mm
Spindle Nose to Table 200-1550 mm
Spindle Center to Stand Distance 150-1350 mm
Spindle Taper BT50
Spindle Speed 6000 rpm
Cutting Feedrate 1-8000 mm/min
(X/Y/Z)Rapid Feedrate 24/24/24 m/min
X/Y/Z-axis Motor 2007-7-7 kw
Positioning 0.012 mm
Repeatability 0.008 mm
Spindle Motor 22 kw
ZF-gear box(Optional) 1:04
Bearing Diameter 100 mm
Worktable Work Table Size 1000×1000 mm
Motor Specifications 3 kw
T-Slot of tables 150×22×6 mm
Max Speed 11.1 rpm
Worktable Dividing 1°×360
Max weight on table 3000 kg
Torque(oilpressure 35kg/cm²) 5000 kg/m
Accuracy 5 sec
Tool-changer (Optional) Tool Type Arm
Tool-changer Capacity 24
Max Tool Weight 15 kg
Max Tool Length 300 mm
Max Tool Diameter 100 mm
Tool Changing Time 3.1(T-T) sec
Air Required 8 kg/cm²
Power Required 50 kva
Machine Weight 22000 kg
The shape dimension of machine 4200×5400×3700 mm

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