TUJ 380 MF
  • Specs
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    14.96 "
    40.35 "
    Spindle Bore
    2.205 "
    10.1 hp
    3000 rpm
    Swing Over Cross Slide
    8.268 "
  • Product Overview

    The TUJ-380MF* lathe is of universal character and manufactured in the precision class according to ISO 1708; 1989 standard. It is designed for general turning operations. Its rigid construction, high power of the driving motor and rolling screws applied for slides drive ensure great efficiency and accuracy.
    The lathe is empowered through a belt transmission by a 7,5 kW electric motor controlled by a frequency converter. A pair of sliding gears applied in the headstock allows stepless spindle rotation rate change in two ranges: 30÷800 rpm and 120÷300 rpm with optimal cutting conditions (optimal use of driving power). The lathe is equipped with SINUMERIK 802C base line control system or FANUC Oi Mate TC system enabling conventional way of working (using handwheels) and automatic.
    The spindle speed synchronisation with the Z-ax slidable motor revolutions allows executing a wide range of various threads at a chosen pitch.
    The TUJ-380MF is equipped with SINUMERIK 802C base line or FANUC Oi Mate TC system which allows:

    Simple programming in accordance with DIN 66025 standard
    Easy tools positioning
    Taper turning cycle
    External ball cutting cycle
    Lathe TUJ-380 MF is equipped with a quick-change tool holder HASSE.
    We also offer lathe TUJ-380 with multi-tool head PRAGATI marked as TUJ-380 CNC

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  • About Company
    Fabryka Maszyn Tarnów Łukasz Świderski & Józef Świderski s.c.

    We would like to briefly introduce our company, whose name Fabryka Maszyn (Machine faktory) "Tarnow" appeared in the fall of 2010. The creation of the company was associated with organizational transformations in Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów S.A. Production of civilian functioning under the name of Zakład Produkcji Obrabiarek, Narzędzi, Oprzyrządowania i Remontów has been separated from the company. Fabryka Maszyn "Tarnow" continued production of machine tools known at home and abroad, such as lathe-380MF TUJ, TUJ-380CNC, TUJ-560M, 630M-TUJ, TUJ-560MEF, TUJ-630MEF and grinder RUP280 for cylindrical shafts and holes. The company also provided maintenance services and spare parts for older lathes TUB-25, TUB-32, TUJ-48, TUJ-50, TUJ-50M, TKX-50N and grinders RUP-28 and ROPA16. Seized civilian production area also included the production of tools, equipment and services, machinery and equipment maintenance, as well as production of licensed lathes for German company GDW: LZ-250, LZ-360, LZ-400. The next stage in the history of the FMT was the privatization of companies with foreign capital, where the group was English 600 GROUP PLC-UK that owns the well-known machine tool Colchester-Harrison. Quickly implemented and launched production of a wide range of products Colchester-Harrison lathes such as the M300 / Student, Master, Triumph, Mascot, Mastiff, Alpha sold in the extensive distribution network of 600UK. After nearly two years the English industrial group withdrew from further investment in Tarnow Machinery Factory, and the new owner of the FMT was a German company GDW, which then continued producing mainly products on their markets like Turing machines LZ 360, LZ400 and licensed 600UK lathes T170, T200, T230, T280. In mid-2013 the company was declared bankrupt. The company was bought by a Polish investor and now operates under the name Fabryka Maszyn "Tarnów" Łukasz Świderski & Józef Świderski S.C. The main objective of the company is the desire to rebuild and continue the domestic production of machine tools based on structural and technological documentation and harvested machine park.“

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