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    7.5 kV·A
  • Product Overview

    Bench Type - Invertor or AC Spot/Projection Welder

    This inverter welding head is so revolutionary we had to give it a special name. Atop the low inertia ram you'll find a patented accelerator that gives the "Blue Goose" the best follow-up action in the welding industry. This makes it an ideal machine for cross-wire welding, and other spot and projection welding applications. It lays down low impact, high-speed welds with exceptional repeatability andBlue Goosevirtually no deflection.

  • About Company
    Taylor-Winfield Technologies

    As a full-service original equipment machinery manufacturer, Taylor-Winfield’s core competencies include, but are not limited to: • Automated Assembly Systems • ARC Welding Systems – Robotic and Automated Welding Stations • Coil Joining Welders • Heavy Material Handling Equipment • Induction Heating Power Supplies and Systems • Parts Processing and Identification Systems • Resistance Welding Machines – Spot, Seam and Flash Welders • Robotic Integration – Welding and Material Handling Systems • Cognex Vision Systems Certified Integrator with Fully Equipped Vision Laboratory Testing Capabilities. • Welding and Induction Heating Process Development and Verification. • Copper Consumables & Spare Parts We are dedicated to providing simple to complex parts joining and welding machines, automated assembly and parts processing systems that help our customers compete in their markets.

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