• Product Overview

    Your TIG and MIG welding seams will be clean and shining as never before. Cleantech kit is the new system to clean easily and quickly the TIG and MIG welds on stainless steel. Cleantech eliminates completely all the colouring and oxidation effects that are usually produced on the weld piece during the welding process as a result of the instantaneous electro-chimical reaction. Thanks to Cleantech stainless steel will get back its peculiar brightness. This kit is particularly useful in all those works where the aesthetics of the material is mostly important.

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    For over 50 years TELWIN has been a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of welding machines, cutting systems and battery chargers. Our company is present on all 5 continents, on over 120 markets with a range of products that, for variety and richness, has no equal on any market; products aimed at all production fields, from the automotive to industry in general, to the building sector to shipyards, to all professional divisions to DiY.

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Posted 4 days ago
Required cleaner for Tig welding black patches to remove
Posted 4 days ago