• Specs
    200 (LBS)
  • Product Overview

    V-Mill is used for accurately notching Iosipescu Shear Test specimens from composites and other non-metallic materials. Notch dimensions are created by a precision diamond cutter; Master Templates ensure precise placement of notches in ASTM D5379 and ASTM D7078 specimens.

  • About Company

    Sample preparation by conventional means has always been time consuming and inefficient. In 1954, a metallurgist working for a major American corporation concluded that there had to be a better way to prepare his tensile samples; thus, the original Tensilkut machine was developed. Others began to request a similar machine for preparing their samples, and Tensilkut Engineering was born. Through the years, additional laboratory sized machines were added to the Tensilkut line to enable customers to conveniently prepare samples for most test methods from virtually any machineable material. When used in conjunction with the universal tester, complete quality control in the testing lab ensures the most accurate possible physical test specimens and test results.

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