• Product Overview

    The THW Inspector tests EPS cups for leak-tightness and separates rejects. The Thermoware Inspector detects leaks faultlessly using vacuum and pressure difference meters.

    Each individual type of cup requires specific test cones and feeder units, which are easily exchangeable. The THW 145E can be used to test large cups or containers and has an adjustable speed of up to a maximum of 12,500 cups/hour. The THW 125E has an adjustable speed of up to a maximum of 10,500  cups/hour.

  • About Company
    Thermoware EPS Machinery B.V.

    Thermoware EPS Machinery focuses on development and production ofthinwalled EPS production machines. With an open mind and with fascination for the ideas and wishes of our business partners we offer innovative, reliable and durable solutions for all production issues. The Thermoware EPS machines have proven their flexibility and are highly energy efficient, together with the security of a high and constant product quality.

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