• Specs
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    Grinding Capacity
    19.69 "
  • Product Overview

    Model FG500
    Table Diameter 450mm
    The Max. Diameter of Repairing Flywheel 500mm
    The Max. Distance from spindle to table 200mm
    Rotarional Speed of Grinding Wheel 2800r/min
    The Rotationa Speed of Table 17/34 r/min
    The motor of Grinding Wheel 3kW/400V/50Hz
    The motor of table 1400/700r/min 0.4/0.22kW 400V/50Hz
    Cooling Pump 0.12kW
    Overall Dimensions 1200×800×1750

  • About Company
    shanghai THL machine tools co.,ltd

    We are factory in shanghai ,China. our product is engine rebuliding machine and tools. our market is 99% for export.

This Item is No Longer Made

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