THL M8260X3000

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Type:Camshaft Grinders
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Swing:23.62 "
Centers:118.1 "

Product Overview

Model M8260x3000 
Main specifications maximum swing over bed  Ф600mm
maximum length of workpiece  3000mm
centre height    320mm
diameter able to grind with steady rest 170mm (maximum) 50mm (minimum) 
centre distance 3000mm
chuck distance 2800mm
throw of pin       120mm
maximum weight of workpiece  600kg
speed of work spindle    25-90r/min (stepless)
taper of center for headstock    metric tape 80
 taper of center for tailstock     metric tape 80 
Work table table traverse per hand wheel revolution 5.88 (coarse)1.68 (fine) 
maximum amount of longitudinal movement 3000mm (manual operation)           3000mm (engine driven)
Grinding carriage wheel size 900x65x305mm (maximum) 650x65x305mm (minimum) 
speed of wheel spindle  890r/min (maximum), 740r/min (minimum)
maximum traverse of grinding carriage     185mm
rapid advance-and-retreat of grinding carriage  260mm
adjustment range between grinding carriage and bench hook 80mm (forward)    100mm (backward)
cross feed per hand wheel revolution  1mm
cross feed per hand wheel division     0.005mm
wheel peripheral speed              35m/s 
Hydraulic system pressure range for mail oil way  0.9-1.1Mpa
Pressure range for lubrication circuit  0.2-0.3 Mpa
rate of flow of pump  15L/min
pressure of oil pump  2.5Mpa
coolant system rate of flow of cooling pump     100L/min 
Motor powers of the machine motor power of grinding wheel    15KW
motor power of headstock and tailstock  2x7.5KW (SGMGH, Japan)
motor power of oil pump    0.55KW
motor power of cooling pump  3KW
motor power of work table    3KW 
overall dimension of the machine 9650x2400x1950mm (LxWxH)
net weight  14000kg
 Working accuracy roundness      0.09mm (0.018mm in diameter)
(in longitudinal section) conformity error between crank arm journals  0.012mm
surface roughness     0.32μm
surface waviness      1.6μm

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THL M8260X3000

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