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THL MQ8260B/6

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Type:Camshaft Grinders


Swing:22.83 "
Centers:6.299 "

Product Overview

Specifications MQ8260B/6
Φ580×1600 swing diameter Φ580 mm length 1600 mm
Capacity 1.Max.swing over table Φ580 mm
Work diameter ground with steady rest 30~100 mm
Throw of crankshart 110 mm length ground:in 3 jaw chuck 1300 mm
Between centers 1600 mm weight 120 kg
Headstock Center height 30 mm
Work speed 25,50,100 r/min
Wheel head 1.Max.cross movement 200 mm
2.Wheel head rapid approach & withdrawal 100 mm
3.Wheel feed per turn of cross feed handwheel 1 mm
Per grad of cross feed handwheel 0.005 mm
Grinding wheel 1.Wheel spindle speed 760 r/min
2.Wheel peripheral speed 25.6-35 m/sec
3.Wheel size(O.Dxwidthxbore) Φ900×32(20)×Φ305 mm
Table 1.Table traverse per turn of handwheel Coarse 5.88 mm
Fine 1.68 mm
2.Table swivel(taper 18/100) 5'  /
3.Table swivelper grad of scale(taper 1:50) 10'  /
Overall capacity of motors 9.45 kw
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 4000×2100×6130 mm
Weight 6700 kg
working accuracy Ovality(new standard) 0.005 mm
Cylindricity 0.01 mm
Roughness Ra Ra0.32 um

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THL MQ8260B/6