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Type:Cylinder Boring Machines


Boring Dia:2.835 "

Product Overview

Specifications TM807
Diameter of boring &honing hole Ф 39-72mm
Max.boring &honing depth 160mm
Rotational speed of boring spindle 480r/min
Steps of variable speed of boring spindle 1step
Feed of boring spindle 0.09mm/r
Return and rise mode of boring spindle  manual operated
Rotational speed of hoing spindle 300r/min
Honing speed of honing spindle 6.5m/min
Electric motor Power 0.75kw
Rotational speed 1440r/min
Voltage 220v or 380v
Frequency 50Hz
Centering range of centering device Ф 39-46mm Ф46-54mm
Ф 54-65mm Ф 65-72mm
Overall dimensions(L x W x H) 680 x 480 x 1160mm
Weight of main machine (approx) 170kg

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