• Specs
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    Marking Area
    4.331 "
    Marking Area
    4.331 "
    Max Laser Output Power
    30 W
  • Product Overview

    The CO2 laser marking machine has high- speed scanning galvanometer and RF high-performance lasers, it can work with ultra-high precision, the maximum continuous working time is 24 hours. The user can control the machine by software in windows operating system. The control software can mark a variety of graphics, text and bar codes, support a variety of graphics, text and bar codes, support a to drawing software, for example Cord-DRAW, Auto CAD, etc. And res SHX, TTF font to print coding, serial numbers, batch number, data and so on. It is easy to operate and change the system.

    The CO2 laser markers have been widely applied in manufacture leather, wood, textile, plastics, signs, packing, handicrafts, electronic, communications, glasses and watch, printing, decoration industries.

    Technical parameter

    Model  TQL-CMS30
    Laser power 30W
    Laser wave length 1064nm
    Marking area 110*110mm
    Marking depth ≤2mm
    Linear speed ≤7000mm/s
    Min line width 0.1mm
    Min letter 0.3mm
    Repeatability ±0.01mm
    Consumed power 2000W
    Electrical source 220V/50Hz/10A

    Low cost, Fully automatic, Easy to operate
    1. Laser processing high efficiency, high speed
    2. No need extra equipment and material, only if the laser source work properly, our machine will run 24 hours with low operating cost.
    3. Laser processing controlled by CNC system will save cost of human resources

    No Product Backlog
    If the product image has been drawn on the computer, the product can be manufactured immediately without opening mould technology which can reduce the risk of products backlog. It can be used to develop new products rapidly and flexibly to meet customer's different needs.

  • About Company

    ianqi Group is a large-scale industrial enterprise integrating industrial electrical, large-scale high-end assembly manufacturing, industrial robot application and industrial intelligent R & D, production and sales. Owned by Wuhan Tianqi Laser, Wuhan Zhongtian Qi Electric, Wuhan Zhongtianxiang Intelligent, Anshan Tianqi Technology, Poland Tianqi Technology, Tianqi Photoelectric Research Institute and other five wholly-owned companies and a research institute

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