• Specs
    500 w
  • Product Overview

    TQL-LWY YAG Automatic Laser welding machine

    Machine features:
    Laser automatic welding machine also named NC Laser welding machine, under controlling of computer
    program, the complex planar line, arc and welding process can be completed by spot welding,
    butt welding, stitch welding and seal welding automatically or semi-automatically.
    YAG laser welding of Tianqi Laser will be produced according to the requirement of customer.

    Laser automatic welding machine can be used to weld alloy and metal,
    such as gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum, etc.
    The equipment have been widely applied in medical device, Aviation, space flight shipping, petrochemical,
    appliance commodity, electronic, automobile industry.

    Tianqi Laser equipment manufacturing company already set up a marketing management center,
    16 offices across our domestic country and 3 branches worldwide, expert technical engineers provide
    comprehensive pre-sale, after sales support and service.
    We provide one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Also we provide online and telephone service
    24 hours a day, when it is necessary, we will send technician to the customer side to solve the problem.

    Technical Parameter

    Model TQL-LWY500
    Laser wave 1064nm
    Laser material YAG
    Processing area 150*150*150mm
    Welding depth 2.5mm
    Laser power 500W
    Output power ≤500W
    Smallest spot diameter 0.2mm
    Re-position precision ±0.05mm
    Consumed power 18KW
    Power demand 380V/50Hz/100A

  • About Company

    ianqi Group is a large-scale industrial enterprise integrating industrial electrical, large-scale high-end assembly manufacturing, industrial robot application and industrial intelligent R & D, production and sales. Owned by Wuhan Tianqi Laser, Wuhan Zhongtian Qi Electric, Wuhan Zhongtianxiang Intelligent, Anshan Tianqi Technology, Poland Tianqi Technology, Tianqi Photoelectric Research Institute and other five wholly-owned companies and a research institute

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