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  • Product Overview

    1. Laser Cutting Machine Features:
    1) Excellent beam quality: Smaller focus diameter and high work efficiency, high quality.
    2) High cutting speed: cutting speed is more than 10m/min
    3) Stable running: adopting the top world import fiber lasers, stable performance, and key parts can reach 100,000 hours;
    4) High efficiency for photoelectric conversion: Compare with CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine have three times photoelectric conversion efficiency
    5) Low cost: Save energy and protect environment. Photoelectric conversion rate is up to 25-30%. Low electric power consumption, it is only about 20%-30% of traditional CO2 laser cutting machine.
    6) Low maintenance: fiber line transmission no need reflect lens, save maintenance cost;
    7) Easy operations: fiber line transmission, no adjustment of optical path;
    8) Super flexible optical effects: compact design, compact and easy to flexible manufacturing requirements.

    2. Application Industrial:
    Applied in sheet metal processing, aviation, spaceflight, electronics, electrical appliances, subway parts, automobile, machinery, precision components, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevator, household appliances, gifts and crafts, tool processing, adornment, advertising, metal foreign processing various manufacturing processing industries.

    3. Applicable materials:
    Mainly used for cutting carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel sheet, pickling board, aluminum zinc plate, copper and many kinds of metal materials cutting and so on.

    4. Equipment Feature and Technical Advantages
    1) High Speed: cutting speed is more than 13m/min;
    2) High Performance: It is suitable for high reflecting material cutting, such as copper and aluminum.
    3) High Efficiency: Excellent high cutting speed, low operating and use cost, double return on your investment.
    4) Low Gas Cost: Use air to cut the thin stainless steel sheet, no need to use Nitrogen.
    5) Low Energy Consumption: Save energy and protect environment. Photoelectric conversion rate is up to 25-30%. Low electric power consumption, it is only about 20%-30% of traditional CO2 laser cutting machine.
    6) Low Maintenance: Fiber transmission, no need reflect mirrors, no need to adjust optical path, laser source lifetime is more than 100,000 hours, almost free maintenance.

    5. Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameter:

    Model TQL-MFC500-3015
    Laser power 500W
    Laser type Import fiber laser
    Laser wave  1070nm
    Processing scale 3000X1500mm
    X axis stroke 3000mm
    Y axis stroke 1500mm
    Z axis stroke 120mm
    Max cutting thickness 6mm
    Location precision ±0.03mm/m
    Re-location precision ±0.02mm
    Power demand 380V/50Hz
    Cooling way Water cooling
    Max speed 15m/min
    Cutting area 0.2-8mm
    Weight 5.5T
    Outline size(mm) 5000*2530*1660

    6. Research and Development
    Through continuous research and development, our own research laboratory device has been developed into laser equipment which can work continuously and stably for 24-hour a day. Tianqi laser has developed a series of high-end laser products, and owns several patents.

    7. Service
    Tianqi Laser set up a marketing management center, 16 offices across our domestic country and 3 branches worldwide, resident technical engineer provide comprehensive pre-sale, after sales support and service. We provide one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Also we provide online and telephone service 24 hours a day, when it is necessary, we will send technician to the customer side to solve the problem.

  • About Company

    ianqi Group is a large-scale industrial enterprise integrating industrial electrical, large-scale high-end assembly manufacturing, industrial robot application and industrial intelligent R & D, production and sales. Owned by Wuhan Tianqi Laser, Wuhan Zhongtian Qi Electric, Wuhan Zhongtianxiang Intelligent, Anshan Tianqi Technology, Poland Tianqi Technology, Tianqi Photoelectric Research Institute and other five wholly-owned companies and a research institute

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