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    Robot Cutting & Welding Machine

    Characteristic of TQL-MFC500 Robotic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
    1) Perfectly combined with cutting edge & welding surface technology from fiber laser and CNC controlling, representing the most advanced laser cutting & welding technology
    2) Professional laser cutting & welding machine controlling system, computer operated, can guaranty cutting & welding quality, make cutting & welding work more convenient and easier to operate
    3) Attached with import ABB artificial intelligent robot, can do 3D cutting & welding, easy to operate, high degree of intelligence, can guaranty high speed, high precision and high reliability
    4) Equipped with import laser head, high sensitivity, high accuracy, work with robot to avoid laser head crash against raw material, can guaranty focus point position and cutting quality
    5) Laser head can work under 1.0Mpa pressure, high pressure air circulation equipment, increase cutting & welding power for stainless steel.

    Applicable materials:
    Manly used for cutting & welding carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet and so on.

    Applied in auto industry, subway space parts, vessel parts, home electronics, decoration, Medical devices,kitchenware,etc.

    Technical parameter:

    Model TQL-RFC Series
    Processing type Cutting
    Laser power 200-2000W
    Laser type Import fiber laser
    Laser wave 1074nm
    Processing area R1.5m-R2.01m
    Cutting thickness 0.5-6mm
    Location precision ±0.07mm/m
    Re-location precision ±0.04mm
    Numerical control system PLC
    Robot arm loading capacity 16KG
    Power demand 380V/50Hz
    Cooling way Water/Air cooling

  • About Company

    ianqi Group is a large-scale industrial enterprise integrating industrial electrical, large-scale high-end assembly manufacturing, industrial robot application and industrial intelligent R & D, production and sales. Owned by Wuhan Tianqi Laser, Wuhan Zhongtian Qi Electric, Wuhan Zhongtianxiang Intelligent, Anshan Tianqi Technology, Poland Tianqi Technology, Tianqi Photoelectric Research Institute and other five wholly-owned companies and a research institute

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