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    2750 lb.
  • Product Overview

    Capacity: 530 gallons
    Internal measures: 69” x 43” x 43” in.
    Useful measures: 65” x 36” x 32” in.
    Platform measures: 65” x 36” in.
    External measures: 119” x 62” x 52” in. (including auxiliary tank and distribution board).
    Weight: 2750 lb.


    • Power Supply: 400V.
    • Heating element: 18000W.


    • Ultrasonic Power: 10200W. (20400W. p-p).
    • 2 ultrasonic generators with 10200W. (20400W. p-p) output power.
    • 6 submergible emitters with 1700W. (3400W. p-p) of power each one, built in INOX AISI 316 steel, 2,5 mm. thick. The emitter contains 34 high-performance IBL piezo-electric transducers in titanium-steel.
    • Working frequency: 40 KHz sweep system ± 2%.


    • 4.3” touch screen. Functional and intuitive access to ultrasound time setting, temperature and peripheric or optional systems. Programmable weekly calendar.
    • 6 outputs and 8 inputs temperature module PLC.


    •• Tank built in INOX AISI 304 Stainless steel, 0,09” inch thick
    • External panel in fingerprint-resistant steel, 0,03” inch thick
    • Thermo-acustic isolator K-Flex Duct Net, 0,8” inch thick
    • Reinforced pneumatic platform for loading and unloading up to 2200 lb.
    • 2” inch draining ball valve, 1”inch ball valve for water inlet.
    • Height adjustable legs.
    • Insulated tank cover in Stainless-Steel with pneumatic shock absorber.
    • Air blow-gun for drying parts.
    • Integrated wateflow system. Removes the existing waste on the tank surface, keeping the cleaning equipment in perfect condition.
    • (Optional): Filtration system (Stailess-Steel filter with
    polypropylene/polyester bag) for waste and mud.

    Model Brochure (1.65 MB)

  • About Company

    Our commitment with the quality and the customer service makes that from TIERRA TECH® look after by a constant investigation and development of new technologies and applications in the ultrasonic cleaning environment. All of this with the aim to offer equipments and ultrasonic cleaning systems of highest quality and efficacy. All our manufacture process and marketing is guaranteed by the Quality Certify ISO 9001:2008 Since the first moment we establish a close bond with our customers, because only understanding his needs and his aims we can offer the most suitable ultrasonic cleaning solution. We manufacture our ultrasonic cleaning equipments using components and materials of first quality, and we make exhaustive tests to guarantee the highest efficacy of the machinery.

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