Discontinued Model
  • Specs
    Number of Stands
    38"L x 136.75"W x 46"H
    450 (LBS)
  • Product Overview

    It is versatile, too. This 14 station roll former comes standard with the TDC-P rolls and the Clip rolls outboard, leaving the center tool space for other profile rolls. This TDC-P roll former will roll sheet metal into leak proof, sealable TDC-P flanges at speeds of up to 50 fpm, automatically! Start saving time and money by forming your own TDC-P flanges - with their snap on corners - and eliminate spot welding altogether. The TDC-P roll former works with Autolock stiffeners to greatly reduce tie rod and angle iron use.

  • About Company
    Tin Knocker

    The Tin Knocker line of sheet metal working machinery was specifically developed to meet the needs of the small to medium sized HVAC contractor. The line is unique in that it is the only line which has all machines necessary to set up a complete HVAC sheet metal shop. Some machinery manufactures make roll formers, but not shears and brakes. Others make slitters or beaders, but not shears, brakes or roll formers.

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