• Specs
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    Max Weight of Coil
    6,613.9 lb
    Max Width of Coil
    23.62 "
    Max Dia. of Coil
    47.24 "
    Max Thickness
    0.315 "
  • Product Overview

    Item TLF4-600
    Width of Material (mm) 110 ~ 600
    Thickness of Material (mm) 1.0 ~ 8.0
    Max. Coil Weight (kg) 3000 (5000*)
    Coil I.D. (mm) 508
    Max. Coil O.D. (mm) 1200 (1500*)
    Max. Speed (m/min) 12
    Feed Pitch Accuracy (mm) ±0.15
    Feed Roll upper 1 / lower 1
    Pinch Roll upper 1 / lower 1
    Work Roll upper 3/ lower 4
    Backup Roll N / A
    Power Supply 220VAC 60HZ
    Air Supply 5 kg/cm

    Uncoiler Expansion Hydraulic
    Main Motor AC 5.0 (AC 7.0*)
    Uncoil Motor AC 1.5 (AC2.2*)

    Standard Accessories
    1. Electric eye loop control system
    2. Feed and straightener rolls hard chrome plated
    3. Outgoing catenary to assist and support the material
    4. Motor power arm hold down device
    5. Feeding line easily adjusted by advance worm gear screw jacks device
    6. Uncoiler with inverter control
    7. Reference indicator adjuster
    8. Coil tip flattening device
    9. In-feed pressing device
    10. Peeler extention support
    11. Uncoiler with air disc brake
    12. Cluster gear set maximizes transmission of horsepower
    13. Straightener open device
    14. Coil side guide
    15. Left/right swing tension roll support device

  • About Company

    Toptran Machinery Co., Ltd. is Taiwan’s metal stamping automation equipment specialist offering exceptional service and internationally recognized coil handling system, slitting line and cut to length line. Toptran provides the customer a full service approach – from designing, planning, manufacturing and after sales servicing. Toptran‘s policy is to give 100% service and quality control whether developing, or delivering their press peripherals. This can be seen on Toptran’s long history of selling uncoilers, straighteners, levelers, feeders, and related coil handling equipment with global success and recognition as a world class press automation brand.

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