• Specs
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    12.6 "
    23.62 "
    Grinding Wheel Dia.
    15.94 "
    Wheel RPM
    1783 rpm
  • Product Overview

    能力 Capacity
    工作台最大旋徑 Swing Over Table Ø320 mm
    兩頂心間最大距離 Distance Between Centers 600 mm
    最大研磨直徑 Max. Grinding Diameter Ø300 mm
    兩頂心間最大承受重量 Max. Load Held Between Centers 150 kg
    砂輪 Wheel
    外徑 x 寬 x 內徑 OD x Width x ID Ø405 x 50 xØ127mm
    週速度 Linear Velocity 30 m/s
    轉速 Speed 1783rpm
    砂輪軸座 Wheelhead
    快移速度 Rapid Feedrate 6m/min
    最小設定值 Min. Input Increment 0.001 mm(0.0001 mm)
    內徑研磨 Inemal Grinding 手動 Manual Elevation
    工作台 Table
    快移速度 Rapid Feedrate 6m/min
    最小設定值 Min. Input Increment 0.001 mm(0.0001 mm)
    旋轉角度 Swiveling Angle 0° ~ 12°
    工作主軸頭 Workhead
    旋轉角度 Swiveling Angle -30°~+90° deg
    頂針斜度 Center MT. No. 4
    主軸轉速 Speed 10-300rpm
    工作主軸負荷(含夾具) Max. Load of Spindle(tool holder included) 35kg(最長長度Max : L150 mm)
    尾座 Tailstock
    頂針斜度 Center MT. No. 4
    尾座軸移動距離 Tailstock Stroke 25 mm
    控制電源 Power Source
    Fanuc 系統(Fanuc System) 電源Power : : 220V 控制迴路Cont. Cir.24VDC
    馬達 Drive Motors
    砂輪軸 Wheel spindle 3.7(4P) kw
    工作主軸 Work Spindle 0.8 kw (AC 伺服 Servo motor)
    砂輪軸座進給 Wheelhead Feed 1.2kw (AC 伺服 Servo motor)
    工作台進給 Table Feed 1.8kw (AC 伺服 Servo motor)
    油壓泵浦 Hydraulic Pump 0.75(6P)kw
    砂輪軸潤滑泵浦 Wheel Spindle Lubricant 0.18(2P)kw
    研削液泵浦 Coolant Pump 0.18(4P)kw
    內研主軸 Inemal Grinding Wheel Spindle 0.75(2P)kw
    容器容量 Tank Capacties
    砂輪軸潤滑油箱 Wheel Spindle Bearing Lubricant 18L
    潤滑油箱 Lubrication Oil Tank 60L
    機器重量 Machine Weight 3600 kg

  • About Company
    Top King Technology Co., Ltd

    Top King Technology Co., Ltd. (TKTC) is founded in 2007. In 2008, TKTC moved to new facility in Industry Park locate in Taiping City. TKTC builds Five Departments and a project coordinator’s auxiliary to service correspondents in the world. TKTC has focused in grinder, Lapping & Polish technology solution providing. Additional, supporting form Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)*, Precision Machinery research Development Center (PMC), Taiwanese University and Palmary Machinery Group. We create values for our customers, made benefit for our users. TKTC’s engineers are graduated graduate school or university, college. They are major in Machine or Electrical or Information Technology. They service excellence engineering design, quality engineering design and proof. In production, all engineering technicians are 5 to 10 years experience in assemble machine. They are under in good knowledge and sense to build qualified machines. Our quality assurance system, runs from initial design, to supplier auditing, IQC, IPQC, FQC (Semi product, Assembled component), OQC (before delivery) and Install Quality Accepted. Continue improve our machines made friendly and safety machine, and provides full solutions. Past three years, TKTC sold out machines and service solution into Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Thailand etc. area and countries.

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