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Type:Gun Drills
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Max Dia. Hole Drilled:0.9843 "
Max Drilling Depth:31.5 "
# Spindles:1

Product Overview

机械规格Model TOP-800
钻孔主轴数Number of drill spindel 单轴
钻孔内径Gun drill machining hole diameter 2.0-25MM
钻孔单向最大深度Maximum drilling depth ingun drill operation 800MM
工作台面积Table size (length*width) 800*600MM
X轴行程Table horizontal(X) 800MM
Y轴行程Table horizontal(Y) 800MM
Z轴行程Table horizontal(Z) 820MM
钻孔进给速度Feed rate 10-250MM/Min
主轴最高转速Max.spindle speed 6000/8000rpm
主轴马达Spindle AC servo motor AC伺服(5.5-7.5KW)
工作台左右移动电机X-axis AC servo motor AC伺服-2.0KW
主轴上下移动电机Y-axis AC servo motor AC伺服-2.0KW
主轴前后移动电机Z-axis AC servo motor AC伺服-1.5KW
切削压泵压力Max.coolant pressure 80kgf/c㎡
油压泵出油量Max.coolant flow rate 6-60liter/min
切削油箱容量cooling tank capacity 600litre
工作台载重量Max.loading capacity 6000kg
机床净重量Machine weight 7000kg
机械尺存Machine size(mm) 3500*2600*2000mm

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Topwedm Machine Tool Co.,Ltd founded in 1986, is a comprehensive enterprise group integrated with production, R&D and trading. Main products: High precision medium speed wire cutting EDM machine, Intellective high speed wire cutting EDM machine, EDM die sinking machine, EDM drilling machine, and other EDM processing equipment. Our international trading office is based in Hong Kong, and our factory is located in Guangdong Province,China. By introducing large-scale industrialization and technology, transformation, assimilation, and re-innovation, we constantly improve product quality. We have a number of internationally advanced technology processing equipment, quality control equipment and a high-quality, high-tech workforce. Our annual output of various electrical machines is more than 1,000. Our strict product design, assembly and testing process ensure superior manufacturing capability, and stable and reliable product quality. As a professional EDM machines tool manufacturer, we provide clients with high quality products and best service by advanced technology, scientific management, and continuous improvement. The state-of-the-art design together with clean workshop environment, high quality components, good assemble skills and strict inspection make our machines achieve high reliability and stability standards. With high quality and professional service, our EDM machines sell well in China market, and have been exported to many foreign regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa, South Africa, Middle East, South America and Europe. The annual output of various EDM machines reaches more than 500 sets. Welcome to contact us for more details about edm machines, looking forward to cooperate with customers from all over the world.


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