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    The constant cutting speed lathe head, melted in special stabilized Meehanite cast-iron, gets the motion by an A.C. brushless motor that enables, through the references of the optical ruler of the X axis and a simple digital readout, to change the spindle rpm according to the diameter of the piece in working. So we get a constant cutting speed, modifiable in every time utilizing a potentiometer with instantaneous regulation. The surface finishing, especially in facing operations, is very nice.

    The speed gear range (2 ranges with continuos change) is mechanical, the spindle hole is very wide (111 mm).

    The bed is covered on the whole length and has sturdy structure with stiffening ribs that assure an absolute undeformability. It is melted in special cast-iron Meehanite, it is distensioned in bracket, and its slide guides are largely sized, induction hardened and carefully ground in such a way as to maintain an absolute precision to the surface. Very useful is the natural gap allowing to work very large pieces typical of bigger machines which are less maneageble.

    Data :

    spindle bore 111 mm
    spindle motor 15 kW
    2 spindle gears with constant power
    turning diameter on carriage up to 390 mm

  • About Company

    Torgim is a company constituted by mr. paolo giana in 1966 to produce centre lathes with covered guides and a natural gap that permits to reach big diametres under head, without any reorganization of the machine and, so on, increasing it’s versatility. during the years, to reply to the requirements of an ever-growing and varied clienteles, the production was widened up to cover the whole range of conventional centre lathes with height of centres over bed from 230 to 500 mm. the innovative spirits of our firm and the growing demand of cnc simplified machines that don't involve high programming abilities, has successively brought to the construction of self-learning centre lathes (also called teach-in lathes), conceived to optimize the work’s capacities of the traditional single pulley lathes operators allowing them to carry out pieces with complex shapes assuring, the quality and precision of a cnc machine and the utilization facility of a traditional machine. besides the torgim firm has a very wide machines park in continuous renovation that allows to satisfy the jobbing demands particularly for operations with the horizontal grinding of medium and great dimensions. the torgim firm has to its disposal a factory of great dimensions that facilitates the motion and machining of pieces with notable volumetric overall dimensions.

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