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    Toshiba Machine’s R Series line ranges from 250 to 800 tons clamping force and is equipped with a servo valve injection system providing injection speeds capable of injecting almost any type of casting material before solidification.

    Injection speeds capable of reaching 10-13m/s
    Capable of controlling the injection cylinder acceleration and deceleration throughout the injection process.
    Servo technology provides real-time feedback control and learning function to achieve the higher precision needed for complicated injection motions.
    The R-Series machine line has also incorporated TOSCAST 888 as a standard item, allowing communication not only with the injection servo, but the entire machine.

  • About Company
    Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd.

    An internationally respected manufacturer headquartered in Numazu, Japan. Its seven business segments provide advanced machinery, hydraulic equipment and control systems to industries such as the automotive, aerospace, die and mold and construction industries.

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