• Product Overview

    Housing Size C040

    A 431
    B 400
    B1 *
    F 685
    L 702
    V 150
    W 120
    I 172
    N 315
    H 200
    M 306
    P 284
    C 115
    E 455
    d 28
    K 255
    G 30

  • About Company
    Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.

    We, TRANSCYKO (Taiwan) is a leading gearbox/speed reducer manufacturer in Taiwan which have over 30 years experience in design and produce in various kind of Speed Reducers and Gear box,With our continuous improvement on innovation and research ,a formidable reputation has been gained in this field. Main product: ․Cycloidal ․Planetary ․Helical-Bevel ․Variable drive ․Concere mixer drive ․Plastic/Rubber machine gearbox

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