TRIMEK SEA-25.15.15

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    98.43 "
    59.06 "
    59.06 "
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    quality is nowadays a strategic, multidisciplinary factor on which the real competitiveness of a company depends, within the current market environment. but quality continues to deal mainly with a well made product and in this sense it is a dimensional, tangible, measurable concept. at trimek we are aware of that. because we have been offering advanced solutions to metrology for over fifteen years. for fifteen years we have been involved in the construction of equipment and systems devoted to dimensional control. trimek is sited in the industrial state of altube near vitoria. it is a strategic point essential for ground communications in southern europe and northern spain. this strategic position provides a fast, efficient dispatching service of our products to any point in the peninsula, to europe and to any other place in the world through the port of bilbao. besides, the huge industrial and technological infrastructure in the region enables the provisioning of any elements and materials that may be needed for the manufacturing of our trimek equipment. this is the engineering department. here all trimek machinery and equipment is laid out by computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing (cad-cam). varieties of machine tools ranging from the new reproduction models to the detailed itemised design of made-to-measure equipment and machinery. in the trial and demonstration room trimek prototypes and pilot equipment are tested. the customer is given a chance here to contrast on the spot all those possibilities and solutions that can be put forward. the whole integration of resources and capabilities, within the customer reach, will provide a high level of synergy for technological creativity and will produce very successful results. a good instance for this assertion may be the application of pneumatic systems to guides, such innovation has been introduced by trimek and has currently been recognised and adopted by other companies in the sector. the equipment is mounted in the production pavilions. all through the production process, the strict compliance with the dispatching requirements is controlled and verified at trimek. at this stage software components play a key role. far from the typical approach that relates a building trade name with a single software possibility, at trimek we work with 8 firms specialised in software measurement. thus, we are in a position to offer a wider range of possibilities by standing better chances of adapting ourselves to the customer service that we provide. this has an impact on those systems made-to-measure for the customer and it also redounds to more competitive prices. however, these qualities are always dealt from the idea of an open architecture and platform. that is to say, trimek equipment enable their progressive extension, mechanisation... and definitely a parallel performance to the needs of our customer, your own needs.

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