TRIMOS V3Available In-Stock

  • Product Overview

    The height gauge V3 have been developed for the most difficult workshop environments. Manufactured in their entirety in Switzerland, they will guarantee a robust, precise and reliable product on the long run.

    • Measuring ranges 400 and 700 mm
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Electronically adjustable measuring force
    • Autonomy: 40 h (lithium-ion batteries)
    • Standard probes up to 400 mm
    • Vast range of accessories
    • All adjustments possible without tools
    • RS232 et USB interfaces

  • About Company

    Height gauges, Horizontal measuring instruments, Surface measuring instruments - In an industrial world where quality control becomes more and more important, Trimos is proud to be able to offer a large range of solutions responding to dimensional measurement needs. Each instrument has its specific application and definitely solves all required tasks. Our products combine high precision, innovation, advanced design and ease of use. Video of our New Height gauge:

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