• Specs
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    Flow Rate
    600 ft³/min.
    300 (LBS)
  • Product Overview

    Under normal mechanical and thermal stresses, petroleum based and synthetic oils in lubricating systems break down into fine mist and smoke particles. These particles, under pressure, escape through bearing seals to breather vents where they are exhausted. These airborne oil mists can create health and fire hazards, violate EPA/OSHA regulations, and contribute to the fouling of relays and other electronic components. Direct venting to the atmosphere is costly and may violate EPA/OSHA regulations. Because of the predominance of submicron size particles, oil mists generally cannot be effectively controlled by ordinary straining type filters or centrifugal collectors. High efficiency mist eliminators create excessive back pressure. Trion's Model 38 is up to 99% efficient, nonselective in the size of particles collected, contains no moving parts, and in most applications, is virtually self-cleaning.

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  • About Company
    Trion, Inc.

    Since 1947, Trion has provided quality products for the commercial, industrial, residential, and military markets, engineered specifically to provide a clean, safe and comfortable indoor air environment. Dependable performance, superior product quality and excellent customer service are essential to our long-term success. Trion has developed a level of technical expertise that allows us to create innovative products and cost effective solutions to serve our customer's air cleaning problems worldwide. Our products can be found in homes, offices, factories, pubs, clubs, hospitals and sea vessels. Headquartered in Sanford, North Carolina, Trion manufactures products in a dedicated 263,000 square foot plant. Trion's European, Middle East and African operations are based in Winnall Close, Winchester in the United Kingdom. Trion (Deutschland) GmbH was formed in 1998. Our goal is to provide environmentally sound solutions for all our customers.

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