FL 250 3D
Discontinued Model
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    It is equipped with Numerical Control CNC Tube Tech Motion, drives and motors, HEIDENHAIN optical lines and transducers. Also in the mechanical part, particular care was taken in choosing 1st class components, for the maximum reliability, namely referred to guides, bearings, cross and precharged roll mandrels, circulating screws and precision reducers.
    FL 250 3D is equipped with a double tube loading system: one from bundle and one from chain; the first one is composed of an automatically rewinding belt lifting structure and singlizer with double motoring and automatic adjustment to the tube diameter, while the second one, that is also suitable to load open section profiles, is composed of chains with V supports. The chain feed speed automatically adjusts to the tube diameter and weight. Three independent manipulators allow the mandrel feeding from both loading systems. Two mandrels are used for the tube machining, one mobile being and the other one fixed, made of solid structures accommodating 4 sliding and self-centering jaws in the first one and 4 idle rolls in the second one. A tempered and rectified precision helical toothed rack activates the advancement, operated by brushless motor and precision reducer with slack recovery system. Inside the mobile mandrel the extraction system is accommodated, which sucks up smoke and cutting dust.
    The finished pieces are handled differently according to length, dimension, quantity and type of machining by an “intelligent” discharge system that enhances the machine productivity and reduces the dead time of the finished part stocking. FL 250 3D is equipped with a 3D laser head that can orientate the beam in whichever direction within a semi-sphere. Torque direct-drive motors operate the head movements, without any mechanical transmission, while a capacitive sensor controls the exact distance between the nozzle and the cut surface. System pressurization and integrated cooling guarantee the maximum working precision.

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