FL 600 3D
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    The FL 600 3D system was designed for machining tubes and structural profiles with a maximum external diameter of 610 mm and a maximum length of 24000 mm.
    FL 600

    The FL600 3D was conceived to work on tubes with round, square and rectangular sections, which are loaded automatically with a tube loading system from a bundle, while the open section profiles are loaded with a chain loading system. Work range is 90 to 610 mm diameter, for tube lengths to 14000 mm and more. The “heart” of the plant is a tri-dimensional system called “Sphera” which allows any point in a spherical space to be worked: the movement is along 5 interpolated axes, with recirculating ball screws and linear motors. The movements of the workpiece along the work axis are guaranteed by four self-centring mandrels that enable different diameters and sections to be machined, with no change tool change being required.

    Variations in workpiece straightness during work are compensated by an integrated floating system, which ensures machining precision even on particularly irregular tubes, preventing dangerous mechanical stresses on the mandrels.

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