TTM TS 4.20

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Model:TS 4.20
Type:Laser Cutters
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Sheet-W:80.71 "
Sheet-L:161.4 "
Wattage:5000 w

Product Overview

Our TS 4.20 2D system cuts and welds metal sheets by means of a single, special cutting and welding head. The system can process metal sheets with dimensions from 1000 x 2000mm to 2050 x 4100mm and thicknesses from 1 mm to 8 mm, with laser power of 5000W or 6000W. After the process, the metal sheets can measure 4000 x 20000 mm and more. The machine is equipped with an automatic loading system, which allows a high degree of automation and prolonged continuous operation.

Tube Tech Machinery S.r.l.

About Tube Tech Machinery S.r.l.

tube tech machinery is an italian company specialized in designing and producing tube, pipe and sheet-metal laser cutting and welding machines. tube tech machinery has become specialist in the tube laser cutting sector, providing complete systems designed according to the automation needs of manufacturing processes, to suit the most demanding end-users. the in-line and stand alone laser cutting machines can work diameters ranging from 20 to 610mm and lengths up to 16.000mm. for sheet-metal cutting and welding the working area is 3000mm x 12000mm and beyond. ttm systems have 3d cutting heads. tube tech machinery plants, controlled by a powerful and easy cad-cam system, represent the most advanced technology available on the market.

TTM TS 4.20

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