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TTMC W1.0X1220

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Type:Apron Brakes


Capacity:0.039 "
OA (Overall) Length:47.96 "
Tengzhou Tri-union Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Tengzhou Tri-union Machinery Co., LTD (TTMC) is a joint stock enterprise founded in 1997,we are the integration company in R&D, manufacture and export machinery. Our main products 1) CNC Equipments, 2) Metal Cutting Bandsaws, 3) Grinding & Finishing, 4) Drilling & Milling, 5) Sheet Metalworking, 6) Garage equipments, 7) Wood-working and 8) Precise Castings, total 8 lines and more than 680 different types products can be supplied.

TTMC W1.0X1220