• Specs
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    23.62 "
    59.05 "
    10 hp
    Grinding Wheel Width
    2 "
    Grinding Wheel Dia.
    16 "
  • Product Overview

    Column type hydraulic surface grinder with full support on complete table travel to avoid table overhang.


    Vertical travel driven by AC servo motor
    Vertical travel operated by MPG function handwheel with 3 graduation selections
    One piece base design to provide greater rigidity and free twist deformation to ensure superior surface finish and higher accuracy
    Column, base, and table adopt double wall construction casting to ensure greater rigidity, accuracy, and stability during heavy grinding. And through internal stress elimination assures rigidity, stability, and accuracy
    High precision and heavy pre-compression ballscrews on vertical and cross feeds to provide powerful and precise grinding force
    Hydraulic driven longitudinal table movement
    Automatic cross feed powered by AC motor transmitting through MCU. The travel distance set by cam and limit switch installed on right side of machine base. The feed volume can be adjusted by panel switch
    2 single-acting hydraulic cylinders to maximize stable table movement by preventing table floating
    Optional automatic down feed with elevating micro-feed and intuitive control panel to add more convenience to grinding operations

    Model Brochure (309 KB)

  • About Company

    Founded in 1954, Victor Taichung Machinery Works, Co., Ltd. started with making conventional lathes in Taiwan and now steadily supplies CNC lathes and machining centers by devoting her management to non-stop R&D and innovations.

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