• Product Overview

    technical parameters

    ◆ suitable for diameter(for round bottle):φ15mm~φ160 mm
    ◆ labeling accuracy:(mm):±0.5mm
    ◆ speed(pcs/min):20~40pcs/min
    ◆ weight(kg):about 35kg
    ◆ frequency(HZ):50HZ
    ◆ voltage(V):220V


    Suitable for all kinds of cylindrical object labeling, Small taper round bottle label, such as xylit, cosmeticround bottle, wine-bottle and so on.
    Can achieve complete cycle / semi-cycle front and back labeling, the space between front label and back label can be adjusted. Widely used in foodstuff,
    cosmetics ,chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry. Can match circle position detection device, realizing circle position label.


    ◆ Powerful, single label, double label can be shifted easily, the distance between front label and back label can be adjusted flexible, can match circle locate function, In the circumferential surface set position labeling
    ◆ Sustain conical flask bottle labeling, be equipped with taper adjusting knob, simple adjust can satisfy conical degree bottle labeling.
    ◆ Be superior in quality, have product positioning, label correct an error
    double location ,label head and tail butt joint is high contact ratio ,no wrinkles free of bubbles, improve quality guarantee.
    ◆ safety and healty, accord with GMP production requirement, main material adopt stainless steel and advanced aluminium alloy. sturdy and durable
    ◆performance stable, adopt PLC and fiber optic sensor electronic control system, support equipment service for a long time.
    ◆ can match function and parts:
    ①print date of manufacture
    ②circle circumference locate function

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    VRJ Machinery (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

    VRJ Machinery(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd is one of the pioneers in the packing machinery production in China. We specialize in filling machine for various goods, liquid, ointment, granule etc. such as salad, syrup, oil, water, juice, nuts etc. We are also professional on the capping machine, induction sealing machine and labeling machine. Our engineer team can design suitable complete filling line according to client’s requirements. Based on creativity and good service, our products have already sold to Europe, America, Middle East, South Africa, etc.