• Product Overview

    Technical parameter

    ◆ suitable diameter(for round bottle):φ15mm~120mm
    ◆ labeling accuracy(mm):±0.5mm
    ◆ speed(pcs/min) :15~25pcs/min
    ◆ weight(kg):about 45kg
    ◆ frequency(HZ):50HZ
    ◆ voltage(V):220V
    ◆ power(W):200W


    Special used in red wine bottle, grape bottle adhesive sticker labeling, can realize cylinder, cone red wine bottle’s complete cycle/ semi cycle labeling and labeling front and back of circle. Match label locate position diction device, can realize labeling another label when labeling one label.


    ◆ Special used in red wine labeling, can realize circle single label labeling, front and back double label labeling, the distance between double label.
    ◆ High labeling precision, can labeling in grape wine bottle setting position of on any account of the set and interval labeling
    ◆ Intelligent control, you can choose manual control or automatic control. The photoelectric tracking detection work piece under automatic control, automatic labeling.
    ◆ Function switching is simple,Dial selector switch selectable single standard labeling or double standard labeling, The state of the double standard, the front label and back label spacing can be adjusted
    ◆High stability,By PLC + Italy Atlantis photoelectric sensor control, stable performance, support 7 × 24h continuous work
    ◆ Optional function and parts:① hot stamp function;② circumference circumferential positioning

  • About Company
    VRJ Machinery (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

    VRJ Machinery(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd is one of the pioneers in the packing machinery production in China. We specialize in filling machine for various goods, liquid, ointment, granule etc. such as salad, syrup, oil, water, juice, nuts etc. We are also professional on the capping machine, induction sealing machine and labeling machine. Our engineer team can design suitable complete filling line according to client’s requirements. Based on creativity and good service, our products have already sold to Europe, America, Middle East, South Africa, etc.