• Product Overview

    Label capability:150-260 cans/minute(change according to the size of the can )
    Size suitable for canned:diameter Φ45—114mm
    Height suitable for canned :270mm(maximum )
    Label size :width 23-254mm longth117-380mm
    Glue for labeling :hot molten glue + cold glue
    Power supply:three-phase 380V(or by customized )
    Electric power :2.62Kw
    Compressed air :2-4Kg/m2 10L/minute
    Outline dimension :1855*750*1250mm

    This machine applied to the can labeling. After the can rolled into the machine, will be driven to roll by the belt pressure which on the can.
    When the can go through the hot molten station, will stick a label on, and began to drawn on the can. Meanwhile, the adhesive sector will be coated the end of the label with glue. With the continue move forward of the can, the label can be fixed on can. Then will roll out of the machine driven by the belt. This machine has alternative feeding label organization, and there is no need to stop the machine when adding label. The tail parts which provide the glue will be controlled by the can, with canned it glue, and no canned no glue.
    The machine adopts frequency control, and can be adjusted according to the production requirements at any time.
    This machine is easy to adapt to replace the shape of the can, and the changing part is small, with glue at the ends of the label, with low quantity of glue, and low cost of labeling.

  • About Company
    VRJ Machinery (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

    VRJ Machinery(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd is one of the pioneers in the packing machinery production in China. We specialize in filling machine for various goods, liquid, ointment, granule etc. such as salad, syrup, oil, water, juice, nuts etc. We are also professional on the capping machine, induction sealing machine and labeling machine. Our engineer team can design suitable complete filling line according to client’s requirements. Based on creativity and good service, our products have already sold to Europe, America, Middle East, South Africa, etc.