VULMAC CW61125EX4000

  • Specs
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    49.21 "
    157.5 "
    Spindle Bore
    5.118 "
    315 rpm
    Swing Over Cross Slide
    35.43 "
  • Product Overview

    Main specification:

    Max. Swing over bed 1250 mm
    Max. Swing over carriage 900 mm
    Width of bed 755 mm
    Max. Length of work-piece 4000 mm
    Max. Supporting weight between two centers 6000 Kg
    Spindle nose/taper in inner taper hole ISO A2-15/Metric No.140
    Dia. of Spindle bore 130 mm
    Range of spindle speed 3.15 to 315 r.p.m
    No. of longitudinal and cross feeds 97 Kinds
    Feed range per rev. of spindle:
    Longitudinal 0.064 to 12 mm
    Cross (half of longitudinal feed) 0.032 to 6 mm
    Compound rest (a quarter of longitudinal feed) 0.016 to 3 mm
    Metric threads 45 Kinds; 1 to 120 mm
    Whitworth threads 42 Kinds; 30 to 1 / 4 t.p.i.
    Module threads 46 Kinds; 0.5 to 60
    Diametral pitch threads 48 Kinds; 0.5 to 60
    Max. travel of cross slide 520 mm
    Max. travel of compound 300 mm
    Speeds of rapid traverse:
    Longitudinal 3470 mm/min
    Cross 1870 mm/min
    Compound rest 935 mm
    Power of spindle motor 22 KW
    Dia. of tailstock sleeve 160 mm
    Taper hole of tailstock sleeve Metric No.80
    Max. Movement of tailstock sleeve 300 mm

    Accessories supplied with machine:
    4-jaw chuck (1000mm), 1 set; Lighting device, 1 set; Foundation blocks and screws; Living center, 1 set; Dead center, 2 pieces; Center sleeve, 1piece; Special tools.

  • About Company
    Vulmac Mahine Tools Co., Ltd.(Yancheng Foreign Trade Corp., Ltd)

    With over 20 years in machine tools industry, Vulmac Industrial Co., Ltd. are well experted in machine tool technology and marketing. Our main product line includes metal cutting machines such as lathes, milling machines, dilling machines, grinding machines and etc; and fabrication equipments such as shearing machines, bending machines and presses. We also have good resourses of tooling and accessories products. We endeavored to exert top quality controll over every piece of machinery we sold, and established a professonal inspection system over the years. We are well familiar with quality standards of different locations, such as European and American standards, thus ensuring our products suitable for every individual market. Over the years we have built up good fame over the world, and have our own share in many markets. We sell our products to a lot of countries such as the USA, Colombia, Brazil, South Afric, Lebanon, Indian and Singapore. We have a well trained staff of export operation, who are well skilled in processing export documents, customs clearance, and shipping routines. We aim at best machines and perfect exporting services to our customers. Choose us, Choose made-in-China.

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