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    Single slide machine for the economical production of single and multi-lobe Rotors and Stator cores for progressive cavity pumps and Mud Motors for the Oil and gas industry as well as for the pump industry.

    Welded machine base with two through hardened guide ways, including leveling jacks and chip guards

    Head stock with hollow spindle, clamping cylinder and draw rod for chuck operation, (C-Axis)

    3-jaw chuck or collet chuck hydraulically operated

    Longitudinal slide driven by AC-servo motor, planetary gear and rack and pinion drive, (Z-Axis)

    Cross slide with precision ball screw spindle and hydraulic counter balance, (X-Axis)

    Tailstock with hydraulic clamping device and quill, (W-Axis)

    New ergonomic machine housing, fully enclosed with automatic doors, headstock side and tailstock side can be opened / closed separately. At shorter machine lengths the door is designed for opening on one side, right-handed opening. Including exhaust air system and security/safety glass, resistance class B3 / C3 according to DIN EN 12415. The working room lighting is realized by using LED technology. Ergonomic entering to the working room for manual workpiece- and tool change and the ergonomic quality control of the workpiece accuracy. High adjustable control panel.

    Central lubrication for guide ways and spindle, including power unit, lubricant
    distributors and piping

    Hydraulic power unit with air cooler, valves and piping

    Pneumatic with filter system, Chip conveyor, Electric including control with digital drives (AC servo/main drives)

    Traveling adjustable operator panel

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    Weingärtner Maschinenbau GmbH

    Weingärtner Maschinenbau GmbH has been a vital and reliable partner to the metal working industry for many years. Due to many years of experience, Weingärtner developed whirling to the most economical machining process for cutting complex extrusion and feed screws for single part and batch production. The peeling process is applied for machining single lobe and multi lobe rotors for cavity pumps and mud motors in the oil field industry . To machine large, complex and highly precise parts, Weingärtner offers a comprehensive and flexible multi product machining center (mpmc). These customized and dedicated machines are in operation worldwide. Workpieces such as generator shafts, barrels, crankshafts, landing gear, steam and gas turbine shafts, tubing hangers, compressor shafts and many other types of large turning/milling parts are machinable in a highly economical way from blank to finished part. The Weingärtner mpmc (multi product machining center) machines are available in several sizes, starting with the 600 series up to the mighty mpmc 2000. Based on the respective model, a maximum turning/milling diameter of 2000mm (78”) and machining lengths up to 15m (50´) are available. Because of the rigid design, the powerful machining units and the ability to handle workpiece weights up to 60 metric tons, the mpmc machines are suited for heavy-duty machining operations with thick stock removal as well as for high precision machining operations. All machines have flexible pick-up systems and parking options, which enable them to quickly exchange, fully automatically many different application-specific machining modules. A fast availability of all units and a short changeover time guarantees our customers a decisive competitive advantage. ….we increase productivity

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