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  • Product Overview

    Compound Gantry Double-Sided Milling and Boring Machining Center
    Model of machine tool WN-LF4016×2
    Dimensions of worktable mm 5000×1000
    T groove of worktable mm 6-28×188
    Capacity kg 10000
    Stroke of X axis (worktable) mm 4000
    Stroke of Z1 and Z2 axis (sliding sleeper) 500
    Stroke of Y1 and Y2 axis (spindle box) 1200
    Distance between Z1 and Z2 spindle centers and top surface of worktable 275-1475
    Distance between Z1 and Z2 spindle nose and worktable center 120-620
    Width between two stand columns 1860
    Distance between Z1 and Z2 spindle nose 1240
    Model of spindle taper hole BT50
    Spindle rotation speed in Z1 and Z2 rpm 6000
    Tool magazine
    Form of tool magazine Tool change of mechanical arm of chain type
    Capacity of tool magazine Piece 40×2
    Weight of tool kg 20
    Length of tool mm 350
    Diameter of tool 125/250 (full/ adjacent tool)
    System FANUC  31i-Model B
    Feed Rapid movement speed in X, Y1 and Y2 axis mm/min 25000
    Feed speed of each axis 20-5000
    Spindle motor Motor power in Z1 and Z2 spindles  kw 22
    Servo motor Feed servo motor of X axis 14
    Servo motor power in Y1 and Y2 axis 7
    Servo motor power in Z1 and Z2 axis 5.5
    Motor connection mode in Y1 and Y2 axis Cog belt
    Motor connection mode in Z1 and Z2 axis Direct connection (through the ZF reducer)
    X, Y1 and Y2 axis rail mode Linear rail
    Z1 and Z2 axis rail mode Slide track
    Position accuracy mm
    X axis: 0.03                                              
    Y1, Y2, Z1 and Z2 axis: 0.016
    Resetting accuracy
    X axis: 0.024                                              
    Y1, Y2, Z1 and Z2 axis:0.012
    Coaxial accuracy 0.03
    Total Power kw 80
    Working pressure kgf/cm² 6
    Outer dimension mm 11000×7400×6000
    Weight of machine tool t 70

  • About Company
    Fujian Weino CNC machine Co., Ltd.

    FUJIAN WEINO CNC CO., LTD is the National high-tech enterprises specialized in the R & D, production and sales of CNC machining center. From the company build, WEINO introduction of advanced CNC machine about tool design and production technology from Japan and Taiwan. WEINO commitments to high-end CNC equipment research and development, design and manufacturing.

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