• Specs
    all standard sizes
    1000 to 4500 lbs
  • Product Overview

    Weldsale Platens, all standard sizes available, including 5x10 and 5x8 and 5x6 and 5x5 and 4x4 and 2.5x5 and 3x6 and 3x3. All made of Cast Iron. Steel Stands are available for each size if you require or you may, of course, make your own.
    VERY heavy duty, made of Cast Iron, machined to high degree of flatness on tip, sides and bottom.
    WONT warp, sag, twist, crack or break (made of high tensile strength grey iron), last for many MANY years, and can easily be ground flat - again - after 10 or 20 years if you require.
    we SOMETIMES have Used Platens available, usually from unknown manufacturer.

  • About Company
    Weldsale Company

    We manufacture Weldsale Platens, Steel Stands, Clamps and Tooling. These are primarily used as welding tables, and are sometimes referred to as Acorn Platens or Acorn Tables. Additionally we sell welding supplies through our sister company Weldingpro.com. Weldsale platens are used for Welding, bending, straightening, layout and set-up. They are welding benches, welding fixture tables, etc. The Weldsale welding platens and tooling are engineered to be the best in the world for all your fabrication and metalworking needs. Weldsale Platens are machined cast iron (grey iron) and they stay flat for a very long time. Weld spatter does not stick to them and they last for decades. Usually a home made welding table is steel and nearly every bit of the weld spatter sticks to steel tables, and they warp and sag over a period of time from the heat of the arc. Our Platens are machined on the top, side, and bottom. The cast iron platens hold up under virtually all shop conditions. Our Customers love them.

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